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BusinessSAFE, Support & Development

Simple solutions to fit any business

We aim to make choosing the right IT solution for your business as simple as possible. You can either purchase a block of hours for support and development or you can use one of our simple business packages shown below.

Hourly Blocks - Support and Development

Our blocks of hours can be used for support as well as development of your systems. We offer these blocks in whatever amount you require and the more you buy the cheaper the hourly rate becomes. The great thing about our packages is, unlike other suppliers, the hours you purchase never expire!


We'll agree with you how long a project will take and allocate this against the hours you've purchased. If the project doesn't take as long then we only take off the hours we've used...but if the project needs more hours than agreed (and the scope hasn't been altered) then you don't get charged extra.

It's a win, win for us for more details.

BusinessSAFE Packages

Our BusinessSAFE Packages are designed for total peace of mind for all your IT worries. Simply choose what level of support you need and pay the monthly fee...we do the rest.

We offer 3 simple business support options to choose from:


  • Bronze - provides the basics to look after your workstations/laptops;

  • Silver - provides the same as Bronze and also provides additional monitoring and reporting;

  • Gold - provides the same as Silver as well as Anti-Virus, SaaS backup, Vendor Management and so much more.

Take a look at the table below, I'm sure you'll agree that our prices are very competitive but we don't compromise on the quality of our service.

A little more detail...

  • All prices subject to VAT;

  • Price is per user, per month. The same package level is required for each user;

  • Unlimited Remote Support subject to our Fair Usage Policy;

  • Our Status Dashboard allows you to easily monitor the uptime of the cloud services and website(s) we are able to monitor on your behalf;

  • Our Endpoint Protection software is Malwarebytes provided via TeamViewer;

  • Our SaaS Protection vendor is Datto. The solution provides backup of all Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace environments. If using Microsoft 365, full protection is also offered to all Shared Mailboxes; Microsoft Teams and SharePoint sites;

  • Vendor Management allows Inettek to act on your behalf with your other IT Vendors. This ensures you have 1 point of contact for all IT related issues. We may require authorisation to act on your behalf. Management of up to 5 vendors - additional vendors can be added subject to assessment;

  • Full price of our on-site support starts at £56 + VAT for the first hour. Should you require an on-site visit we shall discuss the costs with you prior to the site visit taking place;

  • A full assessment of your network will take place prior to commencement of coverage. Unlimited Remote Support coverage for basic operating system and standard software. Specialist software requirements will be reviewed and coverage agreed upon prior to Inettek offering support for specialist software.


Inettek are also available to assist with any project related work you may have. You can discover more about this on our Projects and Consultancy page.

Got something a little more complex?

You may find that using one of our BusinessSAFE Packages in conjunction with a Support and Development block would give you complete peace of mind for all your IT needs. The BusinessSAFE Package would provide you reassurance that your workstations and laptops are being looked after (as well as your cloud services and websites being monitored of course) and the Support and Development Block could be used for helping develop your current systems or for maintaining specific infrastructure you may have like Virtual Machines, CRM systems, etc.


Knowing what the cost would be up front makes budget planning so much easier.


We can tailor specific support packages to your specific needs so why not contact us and find out more.

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