IT Problems? Inettek are here to help


If you are having IT issues, look no further as Inettek can help. If any of the below sound familiar give us a call!


  • New installation: Scratching your head over a new PC or Laptop installation?

  • Migrating to a new computer?: We can get you up and running with minimal fuss.

  • My computer won’t start!: We will get you back up and running as soon as we can!

  • Oh no a computer virus! Don’t despair we have the tools to remove and restore your computer.

  • Email drama: Annoying email problems that are reducing your productivity

  • Slow computer: Advice and hardware to help you speed up your computer.

  • Dropped laptop!: We can recover data and hopefully fix your laptop too!

  • Is my data secure?: Are your valuable pictures, documents, music being looked after?

  • Cracked screen: Issues with smartphone or tablets can be fixed quickly


No issue is to small, we are committed to reducing your IT stress levels! We can help with these and a whole host of other IT issues you may be having.

What services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services to suit your needs. Take a look at the selection below and access the more detailed sections on each by clicking any of them or discuss your needs using the form at the bottom of the page...we'd love to hear from you.

Anti Virus Solutions
Computer Health Check
Data Backup & Recovery
Data Recovery

The downside to this is you are reliant on remembering to do it yourself and the hard drive is normally stored in your house, the same place as the computer, so in the event of a fire or robbery you could lose them both.


Inettek recommends OneDrive from Microsoft -

Why do we recommend this? Well it's very straight-forward to setup and once you have it looks after what's important to you across all your devices - not just Microsoft operating systems are covered but if you have an iPhone or an Android phone, or use an iPad, Android tablet or a Mac - OneDrive is available to all these devices as well.

Take a look at this short video to give you an idea of what OneDrive can do for you. We're sure you'll agree that for peace of mind having something like OneDrive makes perfect sense.

Inettek can assist with the setup should you require this but we will set this up for free if you take out one of our HomeSAFE packages.

Data Backup

These days with everything being digital the need for home users to backup their documents, pictures, music & videos is becoming greater and greater. Most users know they should be doing it but don't or instead just copy their data to an external hard drive every now and then.

Data Recovery

At Inettek we offer a 'no recover, no fee' policy for restoring your data. When a file is deleted it isn't actually removed from the hard drive until it gets overwritten by another file, which is why, if you have recently lost files and need them recovered, the safest thing to do is stop working on the PC.


We have specialist software that scans your hard drive and finds these files that haven't yet been overwritten. We are also able to recover files from damaged or faulty hard disks, usb sticks and external drives.

Computer Health Checks

Is your computer computer running slow, taking a while to startup when you turn it on or popping up errors and messages all the time that you don't understand? We can take all the hassle and worry away for you as we offer a health check service here at Inettek.


For just £40 you could have your computer running quicker and faster and performing more reliably. We have had customers remark on how their PC or laptop is now running faster than when they first bought it.


Our health checks include the following:


  • Clean temporary files out of your system

  • Remove un-needed items from startup

  • Uninstall any un-needed software

  • Run any Windows Updates required by your system

  • Check for general errors

  • Advise on any upgrade work ot extra services that could benefit you

  • Install our free Antivirus software if required


What's more, the Computer Health Check is performed free of charge if you sign up to our HomeSAFE package.

Antivirus Solutions

There are many different antivirus solutions available today and they all vary in price and performance which can make things very confusing. We always install free antivirus software on home users' PCs as there are lots of very adequate free antivirus products around these days.


The software we highly recommend for home users and can install for you if you like is Sophos Home. Of course if you prefer to have a paid for home user product we can provide paid for solutions if need be.


Why not combine your antivirus solution with our HomeSAFE plan for support and maintenance and we will look after the software and make sure everything is running correctly for you in the background.

Virus, Malware & Spyware Removal

We offer a fixed fee of £40 for virus, malware and spyware removal to home users. On the odd occasion a virus may be nasty to fix and we recommend re-installing the operating system the price will be £80.


Some common signs that you have a virus, malware or spyware on your computer are:


  • Computer is running slowly

  • Error messages, adverts appearing or web pages opening without your instructions

  • Programmes stop responding

  • Computer crashing

  • New icons appearing on your desktop

  • Files go missing

  • Internet stops working


At Inettek we have years of experience in dealing with virus, malware and spyware removal. Ongoing training and partnerships with the biggest names in the business keeps us up-to-date with the latest virus removal procedures and makes sure that we can deal with all viruses, malware and spyware infections.


We offer a FULL SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on all virus, malware and spyware removal.

All sounds great...but what are the costs?

We try our best to keep our costs down so that you feel the benefits of business class IT support but for a fraction of the normal price. We offer 2 choices to suit your personal needs - Pay As You Go or HomeSAFE. Each can be tailored to suit you own needs.

Pay As You Go

Pay As You Go IT support that provides access to our full range of expertise with no contractual obligations – simply contact us and we will discuss your needs before assisting you however we can for a fixed low rate.


An all-inclusive IT support package that provides comprehensive access to our full range of expertise and services for a low fixed monthly fee. Designed to provide complete peace of mind knowing that your IT is being looked after all day, every day.


Support starts from only £9 per month per computer/laptop (depending on your needs).

Additional Discounts

The more devices you have at home, the bigger the dicsounts you receive from Inettek. For each additional device (computer/laptop/iPad/smart phone) you have at home, you receive a 50% discount on our standard monthly fee.


This means that if you had a computer, laptop, iPad and an iPhone at home then instead of paying £36 per month for Inettek to support them you would only pay £22.50 per month (£9 for first device and £4.50 x 3 for the other devices).


Pay annually and receive even better rates! Why not contact us using the form below for a more accurate quote from one of our team of advisers who are only too happy to assist you.

Our HomeSAFE plan includes:

  • Unlimited* telephone support

  • Unlimited* remote support

  • Access to our Self-Help Centre

  • Help and advice

  • Computer Health Check (valued at £40, performed once a year)

  • Monitoring software installed on device to alert us with potential problems and perform the following remotely:

    • Checking status of the disks, memory and processors

    • Checking anti-virus software is running and firewalls are in place

    • Installation of the latest Windows security updates

    • Installation of any other software updates needed

    • Checking any backup software is running

    • Removal of un-needed start-up items

  • Discounted rates for on-site work (50% discount of standard hourly rate)

  • Free online backup software

  • Free Anti-Virus software

  • Free support for any printers attached to device


* Subject to Fair Use Policy

HomeSAFE: Our Monthly Support Plan

We offer monthly payment plans for home users. We realise that home users' needs may not be as regular or urgent as business customers' so we allow for this in our pricing. A monthly payment plan means you will never have any un-suspecting IT costs relating to the software on your computer.


You can phone or email and ask us questions any time without worrying about the cost mounting up.


Prices from £9 per month or £90 a year - that's 2 months completely free

The above price is per computer/laptop/iPad/tablet

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