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Cloud Security - Breach of iCloud trust?

Apple iCloud

So we're hearing that that the recent Cloud security breaches may have been a result of issues of Cloud security but Apple insist that the problem wasn't with iCloud security itself but log-in theft.

I agree with Apple here as I feel that security with the Cloud is very robust for most users but the issue lies with the "phishing" scams that go on all the time.

If you look at the image below you will see that it looks like an official e-mail from Apple about an issue with the iCloud account (we received this at Inettek so we know this is a genuine message):

The email received looks genuine but look a little closer...

However, look a little closer and you'll see some of the issues.

The most obvious issue is the fact that the email doesn't address you...it just says iCloud/Apple and will probably have an email address afterwards as this is what the scammer/phisher will be able to 'harvest' already...they wouldn't know your name at this stage.

The other issue is when you hover over the link itself. You should never click on a link that you suspect could be an issue but merely use your mouse and hover over it.

As we hover the mouse over the link to Validate My Apple/iCloud Account Details we see that the link isn't an official Apple website. It looks genuine but everything from Apple would come from and address that had apple.com at the start (even when you forget your password and as them for a reminder).

The email has a few flaws and if you suspect anything is wrong then don't click on any links. Contact the company involved in sending you the email and ask them about it...better still, contact Inettek and we can help with this and many other issues

To the untrained eye this doesn't seem suspicious but Inettek can help you not only answer questions about e-mail legitimacy but we can help you learn how to block this type of message from getting through to you in the first place.

Why not have a look at how Inettek can help you as a Home user or as a Business user...we're here to make IT simple for all.

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