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Does Microsoft's new Outlook iOS and Android app show it means business?

Microsoft has relaunched Acompli as Outlook and has simultaniously created a serious contender for best email client on mobile

Microsoft is seemingly on a quest to improve its image as a modern and trendy company. Windows 10 is already a sea change for the tech giant, and now it's launch of Outlook on iOS and Android looks to cement this new look with a wide audience.

Based on the application Acompli, which Microsoft bought last year to the tune of $200 million, Outlook replaces the confusing array of Outlook branded Android and iOS apps - although they are still available at the moment and won't be phased out for a little while yet.

But what makes Outlook so special?

Since Acompli's acquisition, the team has been working hard on creating a new Outlook experience. And, as it's the same core Acompli team, it's no surprise that Outlook seems very similar. This, of course, is no bad thing as Acompli was a rather fantastic email application for smartphones and tablets, and now with the Outlook brand all over it, it feels even more polished than before.

Outlook supports Office 365, Outlook.com, Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, along with other email providers. You can also attach files from OneDrive or Dropbox, making things a lot easier for sending files to contacts.

On Android Outlook also benefits from a nice Material Design appearance, bringing it in line with Android Lollipop's sleek design interface, while on iOS it comes fitting the native iOS style - which does mean it lacks that lovely Outlook blue ribbon branding.

Currently Outlook is being updated continually, gaining feedback from users as to what needs improving, but in general it's a great effort from Microsoft in trying something new.

Have a look at the video above to give you an idea of what Outlook on iOS and Android is capable of.

You can download a preview build of Outlook on Android and iOS now.

You can also contact Inettek to discuss how we can help you get the most out of all you technology.

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