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Cyber-attacks are on the increase, so it's important to ensure you protect your business against the latest online threats. A strong and regularly maintained cyber security practice is essential in stopping such an attack and ultimately, the aftermath of these events.

We can help protect your network from such attack vectors by utilising a combination of systems and years of experience.

Discover how our Hourly Blocks and BusinessSAFE packages can provide these services for a set cost.

Endpoint Protection

Viruses, Spyware, Malware... the threats are abundant

Ever since the Internet began incorporating itself into everyone's lives, viruses and spyware have done the same.  Today’s cyber threat landscape demands a comprehensive and integrated approach to security to ensure the integrity of your network, endpoints, devices and data.

Endpoint Protection is about more than keeping your computer safe. You need to ensure all your systems are safe - from mobiles to laptops and everything in between. Enhance your defences with our support.


Data Protection

Non-compliance could mean a hefty fine

Cyber criminals want your data. Your data is valuable and you need to take precautions to protect it. Theft of your data can cause more than just financial pain as your reputation can also be heavily impacted.

Allow us to advise you on the best way of transporting your data as well as adding additional security layers for added protection.


Data Recovery

From a few files to a complete system rebuild

What happens if your computer fails – would you lose all your data and files, including sensitive client information? We can provide you with a robust backup solution directly integrated into our monitoring solution...this means we are aware of any issues with your backups before you are.

Whether you need an incremental backup of some files or a complete system rebuild our solutions can help.


Data Destruction

Securely dispose of the information on hardware

Once you decide to decommission a computer or mobile phone, do you know how to dispose of it securely? Would you be able to ensure that the data is unrecoverable by even the most hardened cyber criminal?

We can ensure that your old machines are wiped securely and perhaps even be used by the likes of The Turing Trust.


Continuous Scanning

Network Monitoring and Proactive Maintenance

We perform regular assessments of your systems and network. These scans help expose any potential weaknesses in your network and we safeguard you against these issues with proactive patching of software and hardware.

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