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Requesting Support


It's extremely easy to request some assistance from Inettek by following these simple procedures:


Never Received Support Before



Current Support Client



This will ensure you receive a quick response to your query.


QuickSupport Tool

If we ask you to download our QuickSupport tool, then you can download this using the link below and follow the instructions:



Windows Users

Please follow these instructions

Mac Users

Please speak to one of our advisors on 0141 488 2853. You can also use these instructions to help with the install. Please remember to use the icon above to download the specific software for use with Inettek (we will keep you right with the install during the phone call).

QuickSupport Tool

Windows Users


If you have not already done so, click here to begin downloading the QuickSupport tool from Inettek.

These instructions show how the install will look for Google Chrome or Microsoft EDGE as your browse. Other Windows browsers will work in a similar way.


Once you have clicked the link you may be prompted at the bottom of the screen like so:

If you are prompted, click the Keep button and the QuickSupport tool will begin to download.

Once downloaded, the tool will appear at the bottom of the browser like this. Click the TeamViewerQS_en.exe file and the software will begin to install.

Once you begin the installation, you may be prompted about opening the file. Choose Run in order for the software to continue to install.


You may receive a User Account Control (UAC) prompt asking for permission to run, choose Yes.

When you have the QuickSupport tool running, the technician assisting you may request Your ID and the Password (from the QuickSupport window) in order to provide you with remote assistance.


This will now allow our technician to assist you remotely with whatever problem you may currently have.


Once we have finished assisting you, simply close the QuickSupport tool and it will automatically be removed from your system.

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