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Fair Usage Policy

Our fair usage policy is designed so that customers should be able to use the service in an appropriate manner to meet their needs.


A very small number of customers use an excessive amount of resource at peak times, to the extent that it can impair the service of others. Inettek's fair usage policy is designed so that we are able provide the most effective service to all our customers.


The fair usage policy will identify the very small number of very heavy users. We will communicate with these users to try and establish what is driving their specific high usage and how individual usage patterns and habits can be modified to the benefit of all. In extreme cases, Inettek may be required to apply management techniques to reduce the impact the heavy users have of the service delivery of others.


What level of usage is acceptable?

The fair usage policy will adversely impact less than 0.5% of our customers.


Examples of our Fair Usage Policy:


  • Customers requesting support more than 10 times per week consistently over a 1-2 month period are likely to be impacted by the fair usage policy;

  • Customers that have more than 50% of users, utilising our services consistently (i.e. constant requests for add, delete or edit of data) for more than 4.5 hours per working day are likely to be impacted by the fair usage policy.


If you raise a call via the standard support guidelines provided to you to answer issues where a problem is stopping you from working, it is unlikely you will ever be affected by this fair usage policy.


What happens if you are affected by the fair usage policy?

If you are affected, we will contact the key user of your account by telephone or by email to inform them that your usage is excessive and is affecting other customers.


The contact details we use will be those that you currently have registered for use of an Inettek product. If your usage is still excessive, we will contact you again to ask you to reduce your usage during peak hours. If your usage still remains excessively high, we will contact you a third time to advise you that we will be limiting use of our service. 

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