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Cyber security and your business

Did you know, latest research shows that most UK businesses do not appreciate the importance of cyber security until as breach has occurred or a serious attack has happened?

A few tweaks to your current security could help prevent a data breach.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Also known as two-step verification. This requires people to use a code sent via SMS or an authentication app on their mobile phone to sign into services. It acts as a second line of defence ensuring that the person signing onto your systems is authorised to do so.

Protect Admin Accounts

Any account with elevated privileges is a potential target for cyberattack. Admin privileges should be restricted to specific accounts that are only used under specific circumstances - and not for every day use.

Protect Your Devices

Ensure all devices are protected as every connected device is a potential way into your systems for a hacker. All endpoints should have suitable anti-virus and/or firewall protection.

Email Good Practice

Staff should be made aware of email good practice and what they should be looking out for by way of malicious emails. Users tend to be trusting of emails from people they know but it's can usually be such emails that are loaded with a payload that could cause serious issues to your systems.

Good Password Management

Most users tend to use the same password for numerous systems and websites. A good password manager can be used to make life easier for staff. The password manager should be used in combination with a password generator to ensure passwords used as as robust as possible. The password manager should also be used in conjunction with Multi-Factor Authentication to increase overall password security.

How can Inettek help?

The tips above will help with your cyber security but there is a lot more that can be done to protect your business. Discover how Inettek can help increase your cyber attack resilience here.

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